The advent of Facebook and Instagram and the ease with which I can keep them updated with up to the minute WIP pics and fresh content has made this here Bench page a redundant dinosaur. With this page, I have to sit down at a computer, type content, transfer images from my camera or phone, edit everything, upload it to the server, and then triple check all of that work to ensure that it displays in your browsers correctly and that there are no bugs. That way of doing things takes forever, is inefficient, and totally blows goats. With Facebook and Instagram, I can shoot pics, edit them, and blast them out to you guys from my phone or tablet, all without stopping work and leaving the shop. Plus, you can even interact not only with me, but with other supporters of my work. How awesome is THAT?!

If you happen to be one of those people who say "NO WAY" to Facebook (and believe me, there are days when I feel the same way), that is not a problem. I still love you. So the official American Kami Facebook is viewable by EVERYONE! That's right, you can view all of the exact same content that Facebook members see, even if you aren't logged into Facebook or you don't have a Facebook account.

If you DO have a Facebook account, please like and share. There is also a private American Kami group which I moderate on Facebook for you guys, if you are into that. Just type "American Kami" into the Facebook search bar, and you'll see that appear at the top of the list along with the official public AK Facebook page. Just submit a request to join the private group, and I'll approve you. Unless, of course, it is obvious to me that you are a spammer. In which case, please save both of us some time and go die in a grease fire.

For the most recent dope on my work related shenanigans, or to do any of the above mentioned things, simply click the link below.

Thanks for your continued support and patience, and stay safe!